Friday, March 9, 2012

WIP - The Movie

Today's the day!! Here goes:

DAUGHTER OF THE MOON - The Cast (made up of course, by yours truly):

Selina Kane (Zooey Deschanel)
Selina Kane is a seventeen-year-old who has stormy grey eyes, brown wavy hair, and pale white skin. She's quirky and never has more than one foot in the present. She yearns for the world of her dreams, never imagining that her dreams aren't really dreams at all. They're trysts into the Underworld. She's the last living Necromancer and it's time to learn her craft.

Selina's music:
Andreas Kleerup - Until We Bleed
Tristan Prettyman - Love, Love, Love

Blake Cadman (Chord Overstreet)
Blake Cadman has sandy hair, green eyes, and a muscular physique which is the result of hours of practicing Capoeira on the beach. His soul was created to be the pair to Selina's. He is reborn through the centuries with a single purpose: to protect the Necromancer his soul is bound to. But Blake isn't only bound by duty, he's also bound by his heart.

Blake's music:
The Gaslight Anthem - Meet me by the River's Edge
The Bouncing Souls - The Gold Song
Aurelia (Michelle Pfeiffer)

Aurelia is a sorceress of the Underworld and the mother of the Ferryman. Her eyes are molten gold and her laugh is the liquid tinkling of bells. She claims to be Selina's ally and helps her with her quest through the Underworld, but she's never been human and Selina isn't quite sure where her loyalties lie; with the living, or with the dead.

Ciara (Mara Rooney)

Aurelia's music:
The Knife - Marble House (the video is pretty awesome too)
Bjork - Gloomy Sunday

Ciara bartered away most of her soul in exchange for knowledge and magic. But there was an unanticipated side-affect; without a complete soul she no longer belongs in the Underworld or in the world of the living. So now she rules in the In-Between where she has built an enclave for her army of vampires, ghosts and demons. There's only one being with the power to oppose her: the necromancer. And Ciara is determined to wipe out the last living necromancer before she comes into her powers and becomes a threat.

Ciara's music:
The Birthday Massacre - Midnight
Evanescence - Farther Away

Searle (Christian Bale)

Searle is undead and an unwilling servant to Ciara. Ciara tricked him long ago into giving up most of his soul in exchange for powers he never received and he hasn't forgiven her. Now, he's biding his time, and plotting his escape from Ciara's grip.

Searle's music:
Billy Talent - Lies
The Editors - Road to Nowhere

What do you think of the DAUGHTER OF THE MOON cast and music I've selected?

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  1. Amazing entry in the blogfest! This would be an epic movie with this casting and music, great job!

  2. Oh my gosh, how detailed are you?? Very cool. I actually know all those actors (I don't know very many) and Zooey D is probably one of my favs. LOVE The New Girl!

    And that Evanescence song...very good choice :)

    1. yay! Zooey is one of my favorites too - (500) Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies of hers :)

  3. Christian Bale makes such a good creeper. He always freaks me out. I like your name choices for your characters.

    1. Thank you :) It took me a long time to pick out all the names!

  4. As jaybird said, Christian Bale seems like such a great choice for a creepy, undead servant. I love the actors/actresses you picked out, and that one of Blake's songs is Gaslight's Meet Me by the River's Edge. Very cool, ^_^

    1. I was totally imagining Christian Bale from The Machinist - he was practically a corpse in that movie - a perfect undead creep!

  5. I love Christian Bale and Zooey! I would pay big bucks to watch those two.

  6. Oooh. That's a great cast, especially Christian Bale. Nice choice.

  7. I love Zooey Deschanel, she's so cute. Looks like a fun cast, and Christian Bale would play an awesome undead dude. :)

  8. Nice cast, well done. I especially love Zoey Deschanel! I'd watch this movie. ;)

  9. Zooey perfectly matches your description!!! I love it :)

  10. Zooey, Michelle, and my man Christian? YOU WIN!

  11. I love Zooey Dechanel even her name is awesome! Great choices and I especially love how they each have their own songs.

  12. Oh I really love your cast! Zooey and Chord are great and the girl from Giri with a Dragon Tattoo is awesome! Great job!

  13. Thanks everyone for your comments - its so exciting to see how everyone responds to my characters :)

  14. I've only heard of two of the actresses you list but DAMN your story sounds awesome. I love the premise of it. New followe her.

    1. Thanks for the follow Clare :) And I'm so glad you like the idea behind DAUGHTER OF THE MOON :D

  15. Your story sounds great! Christian Bale looks creepy there. :D

  16. Love the sound of your story, and you chose a fantastic cast!

  17. I love Zooey Deschanel! She's amazing. And Michelle Pfeiffer is always gorgeous! Great choices!

  18. I love it! Great choices... and the story sounds awesome. Total girl crush on Zooey. And Christian is a righteous actor. And yes I'm bringing the word righteous back. ;)

  19. Great cast! Very intriguing characters! Love it! :)