In a futuristic society where soul-imaging suits are required attire and the color of a person’s image determines status, privilege, and share of precious few resources, seventeen-year-old Violet White’s gray suit constantly reminds her – and everyone else – of the taint on her soul.

In the aftermath of an electromagnetic car crash, Violet’s perfectly pure sister, Snow, goes missing. Hoping to clear her taint with an altruistic deed, Violet chases a lead into a soul extremist camp, but is confronted with evidence implicating her mother. Mrs. White kidnapped Snow, put her into an artificial coma, and skimmed her daughter’s pure soul image to display it as her own.

As much as it hurts, Violet must expose her mother, but how can a girl in a gray suit compete with the purest of them all? With the government convinced of her guilt, and her father blinded by the system, only Violet can save her sister, but she has to do it before she’s caught and convicted of a crime she didn’t commit.

SAVING SNOW is a YA light sci-fi Snow White retelling and is complete at 66,000 words. The fast pace and thriller element of this story will appeal to fans of Debra Driza’s MILA 2.0 while fans of Jodi Meadows’ INCARNATE will enjoy the main character’s relationship with and exploration of the human soul.

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