Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Madness Agent Pitch Match

I made it into the March Madness Agent Pitch Match hosted by Shelley Watters, Brenda Drake, and Cassandra Marshall!! I stayed up until midnight to submit my pitch for DAUGHTER OF THE MOON at 6pm EST and I got in :)

So what does this mean? On March 12th, my entry (and everyone else's who made it in - 150 in total) will be posted to the hosts' websites and agents will have two days to review and make notes on the ones they want. Then, on March 14th, there will be a twitter hashtag for agents to post their bids to win more pages or fulls of their favorite pitches. Each agent will have a limited number of bids.

And the participating agents are:

John Cusick - Scott Treimel NY
Sarah LaPolla - Curtis Brown
Sara Sciuto - Full Circle Literary
Molly Ker Hawn - The Bent Agency
Lauren Hammond - ADA Management
Judith Engracia - Liza Dawson Assoc.
Carlie Webber - Jane Rotrosen Agency
Louise Fury - L. Perkins Agency
Gordon Warnock - Andrea Hurst literary
Kevan Lyon - Marsal Lyon Literary Agency

I'm so excited!!!


  1. How does the bidding and winning part work? This sounds very exciting! Congratulations :) Keep us updated on the results.

    1. Each agent will receive a certain number of bidding "chips" to use. They can then bid on the pitches they are interested in where a partial manuscript request will require less bidding chips than a full manuscript request. At the end, the agent who has bid the highest on each pitch will then "win" the pages (either partial or full) for that manuscript. After reading the pages,they will decide if they would like to discuss representation with the author of the manuscript.

      It's a really great opportunity to pitch a manuscript to multiple agents at once and get a feel for what they are looking for. I'll definitely keep you updated :)