Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Progress Report

You might have been wondering where I've been lately. It's true - I haven't been posting as regularly, and that will continue through next week. But, there's a good reason: I'm preparing for the A to Z blogging challenge starting April 1st. So prepare to be dazzled, or at least to have what I hope will be an interesting writing/reading-related blog post to look forward to every day!

 Other than preparing blog posts, I also got some story writing time in last week too. And although I didn't want to start anything new until I'd finished my current project, I got an idea which wouldn't let go until I'd done some outlining, research, and drafting. I love the rush of a those first few thousand words on a shiny new idea :)

The DAUGHTER OF THE MOON sequel did get a bit neglected due to shiny new idea, but I managed to get a couple of chapters in. Here's where we're at (getting dangerously close to the halfway mark!):

23990 / 50000 (47.98%)

What about you? What reading/writing progress did you make this week?


  1. Oh wow! I was thinking of doing the A-Z challenge, but decided I just won't have the time. Kudos for going for it!!! Can't wait to see!

    1. Thanks - I hope I really can do it!

      And I'll be looking forward to seeing yours year? :)

    2. I hope so!!! Also, I've nominated your blog for a Liebster!! Click here for more info on the meme.