Friday, March 23, 2012

Bologna Recap

Yesterday was the last day of the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy. The book fair was a place where publishing professionals met up to buy and sell copyright and to discuss the latest trends.

The fair isn't a place for aspiring authors. It isn't even a place for published authors, unless they're invited. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything for us to learn from it! I followed the #Bologna12 twitter hashtag over the past few days and wanted to share the more exciting information revealed by agents and editors.

1) Trends in Young Adult ("melty" romance, fractured fairy tales, thrillers)

Wanted - 'melty' romance at heart of YA. Melty is our new go-to word. Make us melt! 

Shelley Watters  @Shelley_Watters
Hey, look at that! :D RT   tendwatch part 2: people want fairy tale retellings. And again, want more ya thrillers.

My fave pitches of the day: "It's like Jason Bourne for teenagers. In the future. In space." and "Faeries...with benefits." 

2) Middle Grade is picking up steam, in a big way:

A LOT of folks seeking Middle Grade! Quality but great premise.#Bologna12

 trendwatch, part1: the uk wants middle grade more than in previous years. As do other markets.

 was a great fair in a beautiful city. Many left our table w/a big reading list! Delighted to see the shift to Middle Grade books.

And then there was this (yikes!):

To the authors who keep wandering the agents centre looking for representation--approaching agents at  isn't the way to do it.

So if you are currently writing (or querying) a melty YA romance, YA thriller, YA fractured fairy tale, or anything MG - this is your time :)

The next big fair for publishing is the London Book Fair from April 16th - 18th. It will be interesting to see if the trends from the Bologna book fair are confirmed or if new ones emerge.

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