Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Progress Report

The Bookworm (Carl Spitzweg)
This weekend isn't turning out to be a very big writing weekend, but I am doing other things which are just as important. For example, I caught up on about 400 pages of reading (young adult fiction). I read a whole lot of unpublished work everyday for my critique partners so it's really important to make sure I read enough published material to balance it out and remind myself of the level of writing polish I'm aiming for. Plus, I love reading, so it's basically a win-win ;)

I also took another look at the first chapter of DAUGHTER OF THE MOON before sending it off to literary agent Gemma Cooper for the critique I won. I'm really excited to see what she thinks of my story!

And I am still working away at the first draft of the sequel to DAUGHTER OF THE MOON. So far, I'm at 20,608 words and I hope to have significantly increased that number for next weekend's progress report!
20608 / 50000 (41.22%)

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