Monday, July 22, 2013

Holy Hiatus

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Stock Free Images sure has been a long time since I posted. My daughter is 8 1\2 months now! And we are just finally finding our rhythm.

The past months have been HARD - harder than I ever would have believed before experiencing them myself. Before my little one was born, friends and family tried to warn me, saying things like, "you don't know what you're in for" and "parenting will be the hardest thing you'll ever do" but without a frame of reference, I couldn't quite understand what they meant. Never before had I been through an experience quite like those first three months and so I couldn't imagine the extreme physical and emotional stress I'd be under. And all while dealing with the worst sleep deprivation I've ever experienced in my life. So, yes, I prioritized things like sleep, food and drink, and personal hygiene (in that order, too).

That isn't to say that I abandoned writing entirely however. On the contrary. For whatever reason, new idea after new idea rolled in and I started to go crazy with the need to write. I couldn't though, not really, right? But I had to, so I started out slowly. I downloaded Evernote onto my iPod and started a new WiP, one sentence at a time, sometimes even in the middle of the night while I held my sleeping LO in one arm and typed with the other. I'm now just over 10k into that WiP, and more proud of that number than ever!

Still though, I couldn't give up any of my precious few free minutes to blogging. I had a revision of the old MS to do. A revision which took three months to do, but which I just recently finished.

The LO still isn't sleeping for stretches longer than 2 or 3 hours at night, but she is getting more independent, and I find that I can carve out small stretches of time for myself every now and then to get some writing done. It doesn't happen everyday, and it isn't always at the most ideal of times, but it sure is better than nothing :)

I can't promise how often I'll be able to blog, and I won't commit to any sort of set schedule, but slowly, I'm going to work it back into my life. I've missed you guys! (And I'm amazed that I have any followers left at all after such a long stretch away). Thank you for sticking around and I hope I'll have some interesting thoughts to share with you before too long.

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