Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Progress Report

It's been a long time since I've done a Weekend Progress Report, so I'll leave all the nitty gritty for next time. I wasn't allowed to post anything after the Writer's Voice post until all the picks were through, so it's been awhile since I've posted anything at all. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the next round of the Writer's Voice, but I did get introduced to a lot of great blogs and I'm super excited about the entries who did make it! Especially the ones for the manuscripts I've been lucky enough to Beta read :) How about you? Did any of your favorites make it in? Are you going to follow the next round?

Still though, I was a bit disappointed about not making it further in the contest, but YA fantasy writer Kat kindly bestowed the Kreativ Blogger award upon me to cheer me up!

In order to accept the award, I need to answer 10 questions and also share 10 random facts about myself. So here goes :)

10 Questions

What is your favorite song? Gosh, this really depends on my mood. Right now though, I'd go with Andreas Kleerup - Until We Bleed and anything on the Twilight soundtracks!
What is your favorite dessert? My Mom's amazing NY Cheesecake :) And cupcakes - definitely have a weakness for cupcakes!
What ticks you off? People not letting me get off the train before they force their way into it. Grr.
What do you do when you're upset? Take a nap - if I'm in a bad mood then it's usually just because I haven't gotten enough sleep.
Which is/was your favorite pet? My cat, Jules. She's a girl, but she's named after Jules from Pulp Fiction anyways.
Which do you prefer, black or white? Black. White tends to be rather headache-inducing, imo.
What is your biggest fear? Never finding satisfaction in my career (never making it as an author).
What is your attitude mostly? Cynical (if that counts), but I'm working on it ;)
What is perfection? The Pacific Northwest, or coastal Maine. I love the rough beauty of the ocean and the trees softened by grey fog.
What is your guilty pleasure? Chai tea lattes and chocolate...yumm.

10 random facts

1) Before I start writing, no matter the time of day, I make a big cup of hot tea to set the mood.

2) I have degrees in both Biomedical Engineering and Bioimaging. I was always drawn to English and Literature, but was determined to get an education which which wouldn't leave me jobless after graduation. Guess what I wish I'd studied?

3) I didn't realize it at first, but looking back, I seem to have learned more about how to deal with tough situations in my life from characters in books than I have from anywhere else.

4) Writing the villians into a story is one of my favorite parts. Although, I seem to have a tendency to sympathize with them a lot (maybe too much). But hey, villians didn't start out all bad, right?

5) Using the phone makes me nervous. I'm much more likely to order food for delivery if I can do it online.

6) I've found the best CPs online, but I still crave a relationship with a real-life writing buddy.

7) Twitter is hard. I love reading everyone's tweets but find myself feeling like a weird stalker person whenever I want to respond to a tweet which wasn't directed at me specifically.

8) When Robert Jordan passed away without finishing the Wheel of Time series, I was honestly grief-stricken and down for at least a week. It was a strange feeling to have about a person, his imaginary world and characters, though we'd never met.

9) I can't stand apple juice. Just one whiff of the stuff makes me feel a bit ill. Love apples though!

10) Though I avoided it for awhile (no reason why), I recently watched my first episode of Dexter and now I'm hooked!

And I'd like to pass the Kreativ Blogger award on to these awesome blogs (not sure if any of them already got one or not)!


  1. I want cheesecake...or cupcakes! :D

  2. Cupcakes, Chai lattes, and chocolate. You're a girl after my own heart.

  3. Thanks for the award! You're all types of awesome!

    And just like you I also make a cup of tea before I start writing. It's part of my process. lol. And we also share the same fear, but I think most writers do. Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome :) And isn't it weird how many of us writers need a big cup of tea to write?

  4. Aw! Yay! Thanks so much! And I had to lol--my attitude is cynical most of the time, too!

  5. Yes, apple juice=yuck. And as a current college student, I'm making choices about what to's so tough. I'm also a blogger and an aspiring novelist. Nice to meet you!

    The Feather and the Rose: Does blogging encourage bad writing?

    1. In a way, I wish I'd waited a year or two to go to college - I probably would have made different decisions. Then again, who knows what sort of life events could have gotten in the way and then I might never have gone! Those decisions are tough - best of luck :D